An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

~Benjamin Franklin


  1. What services do you provide clients?
    We provide all services that are needed to help clients achieve their objectives and financial independence. We consider the overall financial situation of the client including cash flow, debt management, risk management/insurance, estate planning, investment planning and tax planning. We also provide outsourced consulting/CIO services to relatively large investors.
  2. What value do you provide clients?
    We are able to make informed, rational and disciplined decisions regarding client’s financial situation. From a client’s perspective, one of the most important values we provide is monitoring client situation, markets and investments and making suitable changes to the plan/portfolio as required.
  3. How are you compensated?
    Unlike a number of financial advisors out there, we are only paid by our clients. This is important because it preserves our independence. We are incentivized to work for our client’s benefit. Our fees are simple and straightforward and we discuss it with our clients upfront.
  4. What is your fee structure?
    Our fee structure is straightforward and transparent. We have an asset based fee as well as a fixed fee (For certain services only)
  5. Do you hold client assets?
    No, we do not hold clients assets. It is held at the custodian (eg. Charles Schwab). The custodian also executes and settles trades and provides other services like sending monthly statements.
  6. How can I be sure my information will be confidential?
    We have procedures to ensure client information is confidential. Additionally, since there is a single point of contact with clients, the possibility of breach of confidence is limited.
  7. How can I be sure my account transition from another advisor will be smooth?
    We personally oversee this process and guide the client all the way.
  8. What sources do you use to make investment decisions?
    We subscribe to a variety of sources of information and analysis: Research reports, publications and periodicals. We constantly meet and speak with a number of investment managers, both traditional and alternatives. We perform extensive proprietary research and complement it with research from multibillion dollar investment firms.