An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

~Benjamin Franklin

Sarsi LLC, an independent, fee only, Registered Investment Advisor offers clients with investment and financial planning services.

“Sarsi” stands for knowledge. We passionately seek knowledge- knowledge about our clients and their requirements, investment products and solutions and also, how we can help our clients learn and understand our process.

We distinguish ourselves in the following ways:

Service oriented

Managing client assets is a privilege; not a right. We are confident that our knowledge, experience and expertise will make a difference, but we know that clients give us the privilege to manage their assets. We will strive to provide the best service and be responsive to requirements.

Customized solution

Clients know more about their needs than we do. Our approach starts with understanding what clients want and need. Our strategy and choice of investments and portfolios will be tailor-made to realize their objectives. We will listen to them, ask the right questions and give helpful suggestions along the way.

Undiluted excellence

Over the years, we have realized that every client has unique objectives and requirements, but we believe all clients should receive superior service. We will strive to provide an undiluted level of superior service to our clients.


We believe maintaining client confidentiality is our duty, and through our experience, we are aware of how sensitive clients are to this topic. We act as the trusted advisor of our clients and have a single point of contact.

Active support

How can we help you? We will be available to our clients throughout their relationship with us. One of our passions is teaching and we have been actively involved in teaching in a variety of settings. We will draw on our teaching experiences to answer any questions that clients may have about our strategy, approach and implementation of an optimal solution.


We have several years of experience both in traditional and in alternative investments, working with a variety of clients, both individuals and institutions. However, we started our career in risk management and therefore we are wired to think like a risk manager in that we pay close attention to the downside and tend to have a natural but healthy skepticism to conventional processes while managing portfolios.


Our approach is to seek out the best investment product for a particular asset class or strategy. We are not constrained by any institutional pressures and therefore are unbiased and conflict free in our search for talent. We select products based on a variety of factors which we will be happy to discuss further.

Uncomplicated fees

We are transparent in how we are compensated and have a straightforward fee structure, and we are only paid by our clients.

Timely and comprehensive reporting

Our custodian provides our clients with timely reports that provide them with an easy to understand format of holdings, performance and fees paid. In addition, we are able to consolidate holdings and performance across all our client’s accounts if needed.